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WESTAR PACKAGING PVT LTD is introduced in 2019 and doing co-packing for different products.
Company has a wide range of packaging machine with latest technology,
High speed and better finishing in pouch.




Save money in investing in packing machines, Cost Reductions,
Packaging Expertise, Greater Efficiency, Time Savings, Improved Scalability,
Restored Focus on Key Tasks, Warehousing and Logistics Support,
Benefits of our Knowledge and Experience.

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Cost Saving

Money’s at the heart of all business.At the end of the day, a lack of capital is a one-way ticket to failure. Indeed, 29% of new businesses close down due to having insufficient finances. Alas, outfitting a business to handle its own packaging requirements isn’t cheap. Machinery, materials, and extra staff will be required, all of which carry a hefty price tag. Co-packing services have already made the requisite investment though. They’re set up for the sole purpose of packaging your goods. This, of course, saves you the hassle and expense of doing it all yourself.

Packaging Expertise

Co-packers are in the business of packaging! That makes them experts in the field. And, as you’d expect from the experts, they have state of the art tools, equipment, and manpower required to handle any packaging job. This all helps in terms of quality assurance and efficiency (more on this next). However, there are added bonuses too. For example, that top of the line equipment we mentioned may reduce waste. Less wastage means higher output, which leads to greater profits. Of course, there’s an environmental side to the equation as well. Businesses looking to shed themselves in a green light, as it were, should look to increase efficiency and reduce waste wherever possible.

Greater Productivity

In any field, experts have a habit of making a task look easy. The same goes for those in the packaging world. With the infrastructure in place and significant levels of experience in the field, co-packers can work far more efficiently than novices to the task. Not only does that speed up the process, but efficient packaging means fewer mistakes. In turn, you’ll have far fewer dissatisfied customers to worry about. Remember, in today’s world, serious packaging problems can generate bad publicity. Amazon, and it’s widely reported use of oversized packaging, provides the perfect example. Avoid this eventuality by turning to industry professionals.

Time Savings

Packaging a product is the final step before the fulfillment of it. And, whether it’s going to a supermarket shelf or straight to a customer’s doorstep, time is of the essence. Simply, late delivery is bad for business. Slow packaging create a bottleneck between supply and demand. Items coming off the production line get held up on their way to delivery. Thankfully, though, there’s nothing to worry about when a co-packing service is put to the task. Their levels of staffing, experience, and equipment ensure a swift packaging process. Even better, many co-packers have the resources to support businesses with shipping and/or receiving as well. They package the product and ready them for delivery too.

Improved Scalability

Businesses sometimes grow faster than their infrastructure can manage. In some cases, this apparent success can be the source of their own demise. Everything from cash flow problems to costly quality control issues can occur. There’s nothing more upsetting for a businessman than having demand that simply can’t be catered for! People and machines can only work so fast and for so long; in-house packers just might not be up for the task. Thus, outsourcing to a larger purpose-made packing operation facilitates scalability. You don’t need to hire new staff or purchase new equipment. Co-packers have it all there, ready and waiting.

Less Certification

Most businesses must abide by strict regulations to legally package and distribute their products. That’s particularly true in certain industries, such as the liquid chemical business. Everything from health inspections to GFSI compliance could be required. Sure, the red tape involved is necessary to safeguard consumers. However, from a business perspective, it’s a major hindrance! Getting certified is a necessary step, but one that can take considerable time and effort. Unless that is, they choose to hire a co-packing company. Oftentimes, these services have the requisite certificates in place.

Repaired Focus on Tasks

Most businesses have more tasks and responsibilities than time to do them. Particularly in start-ups, employees juggle multiple roles at once, with an endless to-do list. Mundane jobs have a horrible habit of detracting from more important responsibilities. It’s easy to lose sight of primary roles in the sea of extraneous tasks that arise. Outsourcing anything is a great method of restoring focus on core tasks. It removes the burden but creating one less thing to do. Hiring a co-packer is no exception. Let’s face it, packing products is a perfect example of a key job that’s laborious and time-consuming in nature. Paying an expert to do it will save you the hassle of taking it on.

Time to Enjoy these Co-Packer Benefits

Product packaging plays a significant role in a product’s success with consumers. Unfortunately, the process of packaging products can prove troublesome. It involves the costly purchase of new materials and equipment, as well as hiring new employees to perform the task. The time required to install new systems and train staff members equates to additional expense. Thankfully, businesses can find a desirable alternative in a co-packer company. These expert packaging services are in operation specifically to take on the task. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the key business incentives for outsourcing your packaging requirements to them. Ready to give co-packing a shot? Contact us today to see how we can serve your business.

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