Automatic Linear Pick, Fill and Seal machines (Model No.- PFS-40 / 50)
Automatic Loadcell Controlled Screw Type weigh Filler
Automatic Linear Pick, Fill and Seal Machine (MODEL NO. – PFS-40+AFS)
Automatic Continuous Motion Vertical Form, Fill & Seal Machine for Pillow Pouches (Model No: ESTRO-50)
Automatic Jars / Bottles / Tins filling machine
Automatic Loadcell Controlled Gravity Type Weigh Filler to Pack granules items upto 50 Kgs.
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) Machines (Model No.- EE-CT-300/ 500/ 700/ 900)
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) machine for four corner seal (Quad & Penta) pouch (Model No.- CTQ-400/ 500/ 700)
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) machine for Salt / Detergent Powder (Model No.- CT-500-PW)
Automatic VFFS Machines for Small Pouches (Model No.- PFFS-1.4/ 2.8/ 3.5)
Automatic Pouch Sealing Machines (Model No.- VBS / VPPS)
Filling Machines
Feeding Machines (Model No.- ICZ / SF)

Auger Filler (Model : EE-AFS)

Servo controlled Auger Filling machine is used to fill free flow Powder products as Milk Powder, Spice Powder, Flour, Maida, Besan, Sattu, Pre-mix Powder, Chemicals etc upto 10 Kgs. (with different models).


Pouch Format

Technical Features

Filling Capacity 10 gm. to 10 Kg. (By different models).
Filling Speed 4 to 80 fillings per minute (depending on the product characteristics and weight).
Volume control Clutch brake / servo motor Controlled Auger Screw.
Motor Servo / AC induction motor (for Screw), 3 phase, 440 V AC (for Stirrer).
Power Required 3 phase, 440 VAC, 3 kW max.
Stirrer A opposite direction stirrer moves in the hopper for better filling.
Optional Attachment Screw Feeder (Close / Open type)
Contact Parts Made of stainless steel.

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