Automatic Linear Pick, Fill and Seal machines (Model No.- PFS-40 / 50)
Automatic Loadcell Controlled Screw Type weigh Filler
Automatic Linear Pick, Fill and Seal Machine (MODEL NO. – PFS-40+AFS)
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) Machines (Model No.- EE-CT-300/ 500/ 700/ 900)
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) machine for four corner seal (Quad & Penta) pouch (Model No.- CTQ-400/ 500/ 700)
Automatic VFFS (Collar type) machine for Salt / Detergent Powder (Model No.- CT-500-PW)
Automatic VFFS Machines for Small Pouches (Model No.- PFFS-1.4/ 2.8/ 3.5)
Automatic Pouch Sealing Machines (Model No.- VBS / VPPS)
Filling Machines
Feeding Machines (Model No.- ICZ / SF)

Horizontal / Inclined Conveyor (Model : EE-OFC)

Horizontal/Inclined conveyors are used for take-off filled pouches, Ink-jet printing and material handling. This product is available in different models according to requirements. It is used with fix speeds and variable speeds as per the requirement of the customer.


Pouch Format

Technical Features

Horizontal / Inclined conveyor is used for Ink Jet Printing, Material Handling & take-off filled pouches from FFS machines.
Size - As per customer requirements.
Conveyor belt - Green / Black / White color PVC
Power required - Single/Three Phase, 220/440 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 KW
Available in Fix speed & variable Speed (as per requirement).

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